Room Redecorator, Inc. specializes in consulting. We know that for some of you redecorating is a big step. Our goal is to make you comfortable about the consultation process. We also educate you about redecorating. We accomplish this by doing the following:


  • Charge a flat fee: This gives you the freedom to select the price range you can afford and the room/rooms involved
    in the consultation. Staying within your budget is our goal.

  • Provide a design plan: A detailed design plan is done for
    all rooms involved in the consultation. This is a very cost effective option for you. The decorator will be able to use most of what you own, and only make suggestions to
    purchase furnishings and accessories needed to give the
    room its finishing touch.

  • Offer instant gratification: The decorator will rearrange the room to show how the room can be improved by using the existing furniture and accessories. This is very important to you. You have a wonderful array of furnishings, but are
    not sure where to place them. The rearrangement of your prized possessions by the decorator shows that what you
    own works in making the room comfortable. It also shows your good taste and sense of style.