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Newsletter/Summer 2011

Welcome to the Summer Issue of the

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Time For Summer Sprucing

A home for everything and everything in its place is a phrase that rings true when in comes to our homes. Clutter brings us down and makes it impossible for us to relax in our own space. Getting rid of clutter and making sure everything is in its place will bring you inner peace. Your home will look refreshed!

You don't have to tackle everything in one day. Make a game plan to divide and conquer. A little decluttering each day will see you to your goal of an organized home. Try it! You will feel much better with a nice and organized home.

Refresh Your Home With Summer Style

  Welcome to summer!

It is almost here and we're all thinking of all those vacation spots we love to visit with family and friends. Whether we love the beach, the mountains, traveling the world, going to the islands, etc., vacations are what we look for to go and refresh our bodies and minds. What if you could do both...go on vacation to your favorite spot and enjoy that vacation all year long? It can be done through design. You can transform your home or a room in your home into your favorite summer vacation spot and enjoy it all year long...if you so chose!

Here's the formula to make it happen:

1) Choose a could be the shore, the mountains, a carnival, a special island, world travel, etc.

2) Find things around your home that you have brought back from your travels that fit your theme. If you don't have
enough, you can always go shopping and get some at HomeGoods, Michaels, or the internet.

3) Decide on a color scheme. Find an inspiration piece such as a painting, knick knack, window treatment, area rug, throw pillows, souvenir of your travels, and find colors in them that you like to create your scheme. Some summer color schemes are red, white, and blue, blue and white, blue, green, and white, blue, yellow, and white, coral, green, and white, your favorite colors, etc.

4) Choose the room that youwant to create your summer retreat on...the living room, dining room, bedroom, family room, porch, patio, etc.

5) Bring out your creativity and decorate!

If you would liketo see me transform a living room into a vacation retreat, join me for my presentation at the Floral Park and Hicksville Public Libraries. I promise they will be fun and informative evenings for all. You will get a lot of ideas for decorating your home. Come and bring out your inner Design'll be glad you did!

Decorating Presentations

I will be giving Decorating Presentations at some of the public libraries on Long Island, New York. If you're in the area, please come. They are very informative and fun!


Refresh Your Home With Summer Style

Floral Park Public Library (516) 326-6330

Thursday, June 23, 2011 @ 7:00 PM


Hicksville Public Library (516) 931-1417

Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 7:00 PM

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