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Newsletter/Spring 2011

Welcome to the Spring Issue of the

Room Redecorator's Tips & Ideas Newsletter!

After a very hot, hot summer, full of fun and relaxation, it's time to get ready for fall. I know we always think of spring cleaning, and when we do it, we're overwhelmed because we have to clean a year's worth of stuff. Why not fall cleaning too? It's a good way of preparing your home for the holidays to come.

Time For Spring Cleaning

A home for everything and everything in its place is a phrase that rings true when in comes to our homes. Clutter brings us down and makes it impossible for us to relax in our own space. Getting rid of clutter and making sure everything is in its place will bring you inner peace. Your home will look refreshed!

You don't have to tackle everything in one day. Make a game plan to divide and conquer. A little decluttering each day will see you to your goal of an organized home. Try it! You will feel much better with a nice and organized home.

How To Use Fabric As Wallpaper

I had the challenge of decorating a very small powder room...4' 6" by 3' 1" with 8' ceiling.  I Iove wall paper, but it can be expensive, and the instalation can be tricky.  You have to be very precise or you can mess it up.

I came across the idea of using fabric as wallpaper and decided to try it out.  I came out with a very successful 
project that added much interest to a tiny room.  Here are the steps to do it.

  1. Measure the area that you want to "wallpaper".  Go to the fabric store and buy fabric that you like for your project.  I wanted a Victorian Garden Theme and was lucky enough to purchase my fabric in the remnant area for $3.99 a yard.  Also buy trim to coordinate with your fabric as seen in the pictures.
  2. Buy liquid fabric starch (the secret ingredient!), paint roller, a paint tray, and an utility knife.
  3. Cut fabric with scissors to the size of your wall plus 1" on each side and top and bottom to allow for shinkage.
  4. Roll liquid starch to the wall you're woking on, place fabric on walls, smooth out with a credit card to get rid of bubbles, and roll more fabric starch on top of the fabric already on the wall.
  5. Continue with the other walls until you have finished the room.
  6. After the walls dry, trim any excess fabric with the utility knife.
  7. Use the decorative trim on the edges were the fabric was trimmed off for a finished look.  Use a glue gun to stick it on.

Voila, your project is finished!!!

This installation was done in 1998...and it is still in perfect condition.  If I ever want to remove it, it will not damage the walls, the fabric can be washed and used again for another project...absolutely no waste.  Also very easy to remove, just pull the fabric off the top and pull off.

This application in great for renters who cannot paint the walls.  

I hope I have inspired you to try this project.  It is foolproof and it will brighten any room, just in time for spring!



Decorating Presentations

I will be giving Decorating Presentations at some of the public libraries on Long Island, New York. If you're in the area, please come. They are very informative and fun!


June...Decorate Your Home For Summer...Floral Park Public Library (516) 326-6330

Date and time to be announced...

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