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Newsletter/Fall 2010

Welcome to the premier issue of the

Room Redecorator's Tips & Ideas Newsletter!

After a very hot, hot summer, full of fun and relaxation, it's time to get ready for fall. I know we always think of spring cleaning, and when we do it, we're overwhelmed because we have to clean a year's worth of stuff. Why not fall cleaning too? It's a good way of preparing your home for the holidays to come.

Time to Declutter

A home for everything and everything in its place is a phrase that rings true when in comes to our homes. Clutter brings us down and makes it impossible for us to relax in our own space. Getting rid of clutter and making sure everything is in its place will bring you inner peace. Your home will look refreshed!

You don't have to tackle everything in one day. Make a game plan to divide and conquer. A little decluttering each day will see you to your goal of an organized home. Try it! You will feel much better with a nice and organized home.

Fall Decorating Ideas

What makes you think of fall? Is it getting the children ready for school, the colors gold, brown, orange, red, apples, mums, pumpkins, gourds, dry leaves and branches, cool weather, hot apple cider? It is a wonderful season! You can bring fall into your home by using some of these ideas.

  1. Make a wreath for your front door. It is not hard to do. Buy a grapevine wreath for your local craft store. While you're there, also get some picks with fall flowers, mini pumpkins, scarecrows, anything that reminds you of fall, and a spool of wide, wired ribbon with a fall motif or a color that compliments the decor of your home. Insert the picks on your wreath in a pleasing pattern. Put the picks through the grapevine and shape. Secure with hot glue, or wire if you want to change the wreath for the seasons. Make a florist bow with the ribbon and put it on the wreath. Voila! You'll have the perfect accessory to greet your guests when they come visit!
  2. Get a tall vase. Gather dry branches and leaves. Put them in the vase to create a fall centerpiece for your home.
  3. Change the throw pillows on your sofa and chairs to ones with a fall motif and color. You can either buy them or get fabric and recover pillows you already have.
  4. Buy a scented candle (vanilla, cinnamon, pumpkin), put it on a large, round platter or charger, surround it with mini gourds and pumpkins. You have created another fall centerpiece for you home.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to decorate your home for fall. Go create and enjoy!

Decorating Presentations

I will be giving Decorating Presentations at some of the public libraries on Long Island, New York. If you're in the area, please come. They are very informative and fun!

November 10... HOLIDAY DECORATING...7:00 PM Hicksville Public Library (516) 931-1417

November 16... REFRESH YOUR HOME...7:00 PM Jericho Public Library (516) 935-6790

November 18...HOLIDAY DECORATING...7:00 PM Floral Park Public Library (516) 326-6330

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